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Digital display meter

With the mature development of central control system, the deepening of automation and unmanned, the advancement of digital integrated display, the digital display meter tends to mature intellectually, with high precision, adjustable input and output, optional communication, programmable adjustable function, multi-relay output and other advantages.

On-line monitoring instrument for automated process

In order to achieve complete automation and unmanned, the combination of sensor module, transmitter module and display module can realize on-site display, on-line monitoring of central control, remote transmission and remote control. As a front-line "observer" of process automation, it escorts process automation.

Transmitter module

As one of the core of the instrument, the transmitter module has high precision, high stability, variable indexing number, optional output, HAET protocol of standard instrument communication, complete authentication system, forming a strong core of high adaptability! E+H, ROSEMOUNT, WIKA and other products are in stock.


  • Display Instrument
  • Pressure Instrument
  • Temperature Instrument
  • Temperature Transmitter Module
  • Inspection Instrument
  • Level instruments
  • Flow instruments
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